Commerce Areas

Downtown Canandaigua

Four lanes of Main Street divided by flowered medians, lined with 25 foot wide sidewalks and seventy historic buildings – make up the downtown business district. In beautiful repair, the oldest building was built in the 1830′s and the newest in 2000. They house over 200 locations including retail, office, and residential with retail sales estimated at $20 million per year. Footprints range from 500 to 25,000 square feet. Downtown offers competitive rent rates. Traffic through the district approaches 30,000 vehicles per day. Great opportunities for home-grown, expanding or franchised businesses still exist. The City has created two incentive programs for businesses considering locating in our downtown.

Lakefront District

Lakeshore Drive parallels the Northern Shore of Canandaigua Lake. Award winning Kershaw Park bounds the lake on the south side of this median bisected two lane road. The business district borders the road to the north providing breathtaking lake views. The district is largely undeveloped with a few restaurants and small commercial establishments spread along the quarter mile stretch. An anchor marina and windsurfing outlet at the southwest boundary of the district set the tone for future development. At the eastern district boundary a unique gasoline station/convenience store and the Steamboat Landing conference center demonstrate the consideration and care given to development architectural standards by the city. A high end hotel is planned adjacent to the conference center. The Canandaigua City Council is reviewing an application for a Planned Unit Development for the redevelopment of 33.5 acres north of Lakeshore Drive, south of NYS 5&20. This mixed-use project includes 334 dwelling units and 87,400 sq. ft. of new commercial space in addition to the existing Parkway Plaza.

Eastern Boulevard District

Routes NY5 & US20 intersect with Main Street near the City’s Southern border. The properties along this corridor to the East of Main Street have been heavily commercially developed, including strip malls, car dealers, fast food restaurants and large scale grocery and hardware establishments. The Northern boundary of Canandaigua Lake bisects this district with picturesque lagoons, tributaries and woodlands providing a scenic background. Portions of the district are zoned recreational, and Roseland Waterpark draws thousands of visitors. Substantial properties are available for additional development.

South Main Street District

Currently heavily residential, this district connects historic Downtown with the contemporary Eastern Blvd business district and the Lakefront recreational area. City citizens and officials executed an unprecedented planning effort to assure that South Main Street is developed in a way which compliments adjoining districts, maintains our small town image, and reflects the mission and vision of the city. The mixed use metaphor which describes the district zoning is carefully detailed in the City’s Master Plan and zoning ordinances.

Health Care District

The award-winning Thompson Health Systems is the backbone of the City’s healthcare business district. Within the district, and with easy hospital access, are numerous medical service organizations serving every aspect of health maintenance and care. Parrish Street, West Street, Bristol Street and Pearl Street provide the healthcare business district boundaries. The district is undergoing rapid commercial development. Many opportunities exist for additional, complementary community healthcare services.

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